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our portfolio

Over the years we have invested in a number of online businesses in Europe including in such sectors as retail, insurance, car and hotel booking. Normally, we are minority shareholders. However, our involvement with our portfolio companies sometimes becomes so deep that we become a majority shareholder and de-facto the key decision-maker.

At present, our key investment is 1CARES RENTALS group of companies providing the rental of passenger vehicles with driver via a number of sales channels including:, a leading online platform for the reservation of passenger vehicles with driver in Europe. It operates all over Europe covering more than 30 countries. The company has a recognisable brand name, solid customer base coming from both private and public sectors and cooperates with hundreds of carriers to provide reservation services for its customers., a subsidiary of, provides the same reservation services for rental in the Asian markets. We have acquired full control of the 1CARES RENTALS group of companies as of 2018. focuses on rental of buses and vans with driver in Europe.

We are open to any interest to invest in one of our portfolio companies. This can range from a passive minority investment or a joint venture to a complete take over.